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Presonus 1824 routing through Live to a mixer but audio is coming out twice?

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asked Jan 19, 2022 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by josephwhittle1 (140 points)
Hi. Relatively experienced Live user here but new to multi-channel routing. I bought a 1824c and have an old 6 track mixer that I want to route audio through from Live.

I've got the audio routed fine, but its doubling up. The audio outs from the interface are 3-8, into the mixer, and back out into audio in 3+4. The audio is clearly going through the mixer, that's not a problem. When I turn down the audio on the External Audio Effect tool in Live, the audio is still going through it. And in fact, even when I don't use an External Audio Effect plugin, the audio is still routing through the mixer. Why is this? I'm at a bit of a loss as to where the control for this is?


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