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We want 5.1 suroound support for music production

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asked Jan 21, 2022 in Mixing by gautamk1 (200 points)
As I am using Studio one since many years and upgraded to v5 a year ago. I am using this DAW with happiness but as a Music producer I am disappointed with absence of 5.1 surround Dts Dolby atmos access. Please upgrade it so that many customers will be happy towards you.

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answered Feb 6, 2022 by karlkneeland (420 points)
I don't. I literally just want this ****** interface I spent 800$ on to ******* work.
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answered Feb 18, 2022 by georgemav (810 points)
keep in mind that for using Atmos dolby presonus like every other DAW company actually needs a license to utilize that...  

by any means i am not saying that it wouldn't be a great feature though that license costs, forget the price you know on your beloved DAW... it will go higher....