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Copy mix to sends

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asked Jun 1, 2021 in Recording by mikesupina (6,330 points)
Copying your current mix to sends would be a really important feature. Pro Tools has this, and it works really, really well.

Let me explain: If I need to make a cue mix for the artist/artists, I can get a good rough mix and balance going on the mixer, and then copy over the faders and panning to the sends which feed an output for cue mixes. It works really great because then, you're starting with a fairly balanced mix that sounds pleasing and inspiring in the headphones, and then you tailer it from there to what each artist needs, all pre fader so the engineer can still solo and do whatever independently.

The other option is just start randomly throwing tracks into a headphone mix guessing what you think they need which is time consuming and uninspiring to listen to. Copying the Mixer settings (Levels and Panning) to your chosen sends would be a really great feature to have and a time saver for a quicker and more inspiring cue mix to listen to.

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answered Jun 10, 2021 by aka_busker (32,890 points)
Hi there.   Studio One uses a function called "Mix Scenes" which I think might help you.  Here is a video describing how to use the function.   .  Mix scenes are great for setting up various mixes including "cue mix" for artists to listen to.
asked Jun 12, 2021 in Recording by mikesupina (6,330 points) Copy mixer to cue mixes
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answered Jun 12, 2021 by mikesupina (6,330 points)
This actually doesn't achieve what I was looking for. I wanted the ability to copy my mixer to the cue mixes for the musicians.

For example, if I'm tracking a whole band, I would get my levels while they're playing and record a bit of it. Then I would do a rough mix of it in the control room and get it sounding good on the speakers and my headphones, then I would just copy that mix and apply it to the musician's cue mixes and tailer each one from there. It gets the musician's an inspiring mix much faster as opposed to sending 16-20 individual tracks one at a time to four or so different musicians.

I appreciate the link though, as this feature is definitely useful in a different scenario!

I must however give the thumbs down, not taking it personally of course, just as to avoid confusion about what I'm requesting, as mix scenes doesn't achieve what I'm looking for, which would be a feature like Pro Tools has called "Copy Mix To Sends".