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Internal signalflow for sidechaining

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asked Jan 27, 2022 in Mixing by mr.ear (150 points)
recategorized Jan 27, 2022 by mr.ear
When you choose an internal channel as a source for sidechaining, this is automatically solved by installing an SC-Send in the source channel. Problem: if you solo the destination channel, the source channel will get muted and the external keying will stop. Switching to pre-fader send or solo-safe in the source-channel won't help or leads to unwanted results. My recommendations:

a) The sidechaining source should be pre-mute, post inserts. In an analog environment one would use an insert send on the patchbay for the key signal. If there is really a need for a bus, one could still define one.

b) Please let the user decide, whether the pre-fader sends are pre- or post-mute, if you still let the feature as it is now.

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