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Splitter mode "Source split" for sidechaining latter plugins in insert-stack

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asked Jun 8 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by oinha (210 points)
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"Source split" or something like that in "modes" of the Splitter, that would essentially create a new "ghost track" from that point of the insert stack, so that you could use it as Send on Sidechain in the latter effects placed in the insert-stack of the same track.

I.e. all in same track:

  1. Add some effects in Inserts
  2. Add Splitter in Inserts with "Source split" mode (<- "Source-point" is created)
  3. Add some more effects like delay and reverb in Inserts
  4. Add a Compressor in Inserts
  5. In Compressor you are now able to pick the Splitter-generated Source-point of this same track (before delay and reverb) as Sidechain Send. This way, you can use the signal before source-split to duck the signal after it, all in a single track.


Much like with all the other modes of the Splitter, this would drastically reduce the number required FX channels / complexity of your project. "Dry ducking" with particularly delays and reverbs is such a basic thing, yet plugin manufacturers don't bake it in their plugins for some reason, I think it it should be simpler to achieve in DAW somehow. Being able to handle it with a single Splitter within the insert stack seems much simpler than using separate FX channels.

If there is already a way to do something like this that I haven't yet figured out, please feel free to provide some guidance!

I think this (+11) thread is essentially about the same thing (btw it's a bit misleading that the main category of Studio One Feature Requests is not shown anywhere, can't tell if a feature request or in some other area if you e.g. search stuff in here)

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answered Jun 8 by dsdgsdsdsdgs (180 points)

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