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Using Automation Mode Buttons with Instrument Tracks

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asked Feb 1, 2022 in FaderPort 8 by robertfegley (120 points)
I'm using The Faderport 8 with Studio One 5.5. When using instrument tracks, either virtual instruments or external instruments I've created for my hardware synths, the select buttons on the Faderport will select both the track in the arranger window and the corresponding channel in the console, allowing me to use the Faderport to select instrument tracks to play or record with my MIDI controller, etc. However the automation mode buttons on the Faderport only select the automation mode for the console channel, not the instrument track in the arranger window. It would be good if it could select both, or use some key combo to choose which to select. Love the speed of the hands on workflow using Studio One and Faderport 8, would love to apply this little improvement when I want to record automation envelopes for instrument parameters as well.

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