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Update Inputs window/channel section with preamp emulations

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asked Feb 1, 2022 in Recording by billycamillo (220 points)

Just came here to rant about something I'd love to see one day
from Studio One...
I think it'd be great if the inputs section on tracks got expanded into
having preamp emulations the same way bus tracks have the console emulations
but take it even further with hardware.
Revamp the Xmax preamp to be more suitable for things like preamp emulations
similar to of course how Universal Audio and Antelope Audio have. Introduce
more thunderbolt 3 interfaces or a newer version of the DP88 (since it's
discontinued) that can be remote controlled from Studio One, the same way
the Quantum thunderbolt 2 is.
I think it'd be an instant hit over things like Luna since Studio One's
feature set is lightyears ahead of that.
Being a drummer it'd be a dream to be able to track in realtime with
features like that especially with the power behind the new computers that
are coming out lately.

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