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Why can I get Garage Band to work but not Studio One 4?

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asked Sep 8, 2019 in Studio One 4 by chanceragsdale (190 points)
Problem: My Mic, midi, and 24c will not work through studio one 4.

Confusion: My Mic, midi, and 24c WILL work through Garage Band.

Ideal: How can I make my mic and midi work through my DAC in Studio One 4

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answered Sep 9, 2019 by chanceragsdale (190 points)
Sound will not produce through studio one just buy plugging in your midi like it will in Garage Band. Before you can actually HEAR (you can see the midi is communicating with your DAW) the sound you're trying to produce, you must first locate and delegate a sound you wish to use. I.E. use the search bar in the instrument section >grand piano>drag sound onto track>midi will not work
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answered Dec 5, 2021 by jimdickinson2 (420 points)
Check out this video: