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How can i get Studio One to recognize my audio interface?

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asked Feb 23, 2022 in Studio One 5 by ryanpeacock1 (160 points)
My computer input and output settings are both set to my A/I. but in Studio One when i set the playback and recording to my A/I, I just get the error message (failed to open microphone). If i set the playback option to play through my laptop, then im able to record using the microphone through the A/I. But i have a **** ton of latency trying to record with my headphones plugged into the laptop...

I'm using a Black Lion Revolution 2x2 and my Dell recognizes that; but studio one sees it as "windows audio". I'm also using Windows 11 Home. Any help on this matter would be ultimately helpful, im starting to think my hardware may be faulty.

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