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Clipping indicator for each of the inserts in a channel.

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asked Feb 24, 2022 in Mixing by matheusantunes3 (890 points)
I am used to working with Ableton, and this DAW gives you a meter of input and output for each plugin in the inserts rack. Being able to have a visual feedback if the audio is clipping at any point of the inserts would be great. I thought of an option to show a small LED next to each insert that goes red when the output of that insert is clipping, but any other solution would help to save time.

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answered Feb 24, 2022 by frankengel (430 points)
It could be done by having the power indicator turn red when the plugin clips then gradually fade back to green while it is not clipping.

That way no additional space is consumed in the interface.
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answered May 4, 2022 by vasalli (1,590 points)

It's great to see you are getting activity with this. I submitted a similar feature request in Feb2018 and had 165 views, but no votes. The illustration below would help conserve screen real estate and would help to quickly identify (in red) what plugins in the channel chain need input/output adjustments. Currently you have to open each plugin individually to see if there is a clip light and if it remains lit.