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Is it possible for the Master fader on my Studiolive 32S to cause my earmix units to change their volume?

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asked Mar 6, 2022 in EarMix 16M by chadgrieser (120 points)
Good day to you all.

 I am here as I don't know what is going on with a situation that the worship team at my church is complaining about and need some guidance.  Here is the backstory.  Since the first of the year, our church has went to in ear monitors with everyone having their own earmix unit being supplied by the same channels for everyone as we don't have more players than channels and all can set how they want them.  I was not aware of any issues other than getting used to using in ears for monitors until a couple weeks back when they were stating that their mixes were all going crazy volume wise with some things getting super loud even when turned down.  So I went about and double checked that all of the channels and aux mixes being sent to their in ears were all set to pre or pre1 depending on if it was a channel or a flex mix (set as an aux), and everything was set correctly.  So this week during practice in the middle of week, the system was up and master fader on 32s was at unity with the system volume about normal for during service.  They stopped in a song and was talking thru some things, so i turned down the master fader to about -15 to rest my ears while they were chattering amongst each other, and work on some other things.  I walked away for a few minutes and they went back to playing the song and i came back and turned the master fader back up to unity and they stopped playing and were like what on earth happened?!?!?! our in ears went crazy.  I was like what do you mean?  they said the volumes were all jacked up when i turned up the mains back to before turning it down.

Here is my question.  Is it POSSIBLE for the master fader for the mains to effect the in ears in the way they are claiming it to be doing?

I did realize after service today that we have an annoucment mic on the floor in front of the stage going to an aux mix, that includes the pastors headset mic, the 2 music channels on the mixer from the laptop for videos and my phone for post service music, as well as some reverb for the vocalists.  The mutes are not set globally or aux linked as i tried that but then when i mute the reverb they prefer (to use a different fx on the FOH mix, it mutes it in their ears as well, so my mute are set to only mute it where i mute it at, so FOH only mutes FOH, and an aux mutes only that aux.

  That mic is gained up pretty hot as some folks don't like to talk into it when giving an annoucement, so i need to boost it to get them heard.  Is this the likely source of my major volume issues that they seem to be talking about?  I am planning to change that microphone to one that has an on/off switch on it and have it turned off at all times to see if this helps the next time we practice this coming week.

Yes everything is on current firmware as i updated them all before putting them into use.

Also, everyone is using silicone tips on their earbuds, so are they getting a lot of bleed from the mains that way as well?  would foam tips be a good switch?

Sorry for the rambling, just tried to give all the information i could think you may need to give me some pointers.  Thank you all!

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