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Fix Universal Control flicker when connected to G-sync displays

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asked Mar 10, 2022 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by njglover (180 points)
This is sort of a nitpicky feature request, but Universal Control and the associated interface control panels do not work correctly with G-sync displays, at least when connected to a laptop that has both an integrated GPU and a dedicated GPU. I do not have a desktop to test with. Essentially, while the app is open on a display that supports G-sync and G-sync is enabled on the dedicated GPU, the display will flicker. With some programs, it is possible to use the Nvidia control panel to specify a program-specific preference to lock the program to a fixed refresh rate, which fixes the problem, but that option is not available for Universal Control for some reason (it is greyed out in the Nvidia control panel). As a result, the only way to get rid of the flicker is to disable G-sync entirely. Aside from just being annoying, I imagine this could be an actual health issue for people with photosensitivity, so it would be great to have it fixed.

For reference, I am using an Asus G14 that has a Ryzen 9 4900 HS CPU (with integrated GPU) and an RTX 2060 Max-Q dedicated GPU. The monitor is connected via a USB-C to DisplayPort cable so that I can take advantage of the high frame rates and G-sync support. Having said all that, I've read of others having similar issues with other computers and other programs, so it is not a problem specific to my computer/setup.

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