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How do I put effects (reverb) into a monitor mix?

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asked Mar 18, 2022 in Ai Mixers by ericslack (210 points)
reopened Apr 7, 2022 by luketraxler
I'm using my RM16AI for band practice, with each member having their own monitor mix. I'd like to put some reverb onto the vocals but can't get the effects to come through the monitor mix. When I run through the Main outputs, reverb is there. Is it possible to get reverb through the monitor mixes or only the Mains?

I have FW version SL 1.0.13731 and app version  iOS (April 12, 2019) System says these are latest builds.


Eric Slack

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answered Apr 7, 2022 by luketraxler (1,930 points)
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Hello Eric,

We recommend reviewing these instructions for sending the FX Return channels to your desired Aux mix:

Although for Series III StudioLives, these instructions are the same for AI/RM Mixers in Universal Control.