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Unable to transfer MIDI info from my electric piano to my computer using the AudioBox USB 96.

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asked Mar 28, 2022 in AudioBox USB by franciscoaguirre3 (140 points)

Hello everybody.

I have recently bought the AudioBox USB 96. It works fine, but I can't send any MIDI info from my Korg LP-350 to my computer. 

I have the MIDI Cable in my piano's MIDI Out, and the other end of the cable in the AudioBox USB 96's MIDI In. However, nothing happens. (I've already checked the MIDI Connections inside the DAW and still it doesn't recognize it).

What do I need to do? Is there any driver or stuff that I'm missing? By the way, I already read my piano's manual and it doesn't say anything else than plugging the MIDI cable in the output port and connect it to the audio interface's MIDI In.

I'll appreciate your answers! Thanks!smiley

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answered Apr 10, 2022 by christopherdavis37 (140 points)
Have you added the Korg as an external keyboard in Studio One?