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AudioBox USB 96 not recognized by Universal Controll and now does not show up in my registered devices

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asked Apr 4, 2020 in AudioBox USB by coleperry2 (190 points)
About a month ago I set up my Presonus AudioBox USB 96 and I've had nothing but problems. Looking past all of my dislikes so far, I started up my computer today and now my AudioBox USB no longer appears in Universal Control or Studio One. It does appear in device manager just fine. I'm using Windows 10.

However, after digging into the problem more I realized my device is no longer even registered to my account but I am not allowed to register it again because it's already in use. What do I do?

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answered Dec 25, 2021 by brettoboe (140 points)
My new Asus does not recognize my audiobox 96 either.