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sounds distorts at all time when I use my quantum2626. started after reinstalling windows and updating to windows 11

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asked Apr 12, 2022 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by erikhaugerud (120 points)

Hi! I decided to reinstall windows when I updated to windows 11. After this there is this buzz/noise that comes whenever I use my quantum. This comes in all programs. all the time there is sound. that means if i listen to spotify, youtube or use studio one. It also comes in headphones. I have installed all drivers. both for my computer and for my quantum.  I have already been in touch with the company that I bought the computer from and they have given me all drivers

the sound doesn`t distort while I use the internal soundcard in my laptop. but it distorts ALL THE TIME no matter what level and no matter what output I am using(distorts in headphones).  I had no problem before I reinstalled windows and updated to windows 11

Anybody know what to do? or have experienced something similar?

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