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Enter values directly, instead of scrolling and selecting from a long list

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asked Apr 21, 2022 in Notion iOS by xlori (250 points)
The iPad has a big screen. But on the iPad's Notion, the list boxes for tempo selection and key signature selection are very small. As a result, it takes many slides to select the content I want, and I have to constantly see whether I miss which one I want. In the current software, only 3 ~ 5 items can be displayed at the same time. How nice it would be if the list were five times longer and reached 80% of the height of the iPad. Think about it, there are 7 * 12 commonly used keys, and how many integers are there for the commonly used tempo from 40 ~ 120. This is the efficiency of selection.

I sincerely hope that when inputting tempo, I can input directly with a numeric keypad 0~9; When choosing the key signature, I can choose CDEFGAB#b directly through the piano keyboard, or directly through the Circle of Fifths. In particular, make the list box bigger in order to make good use of the screen size of iPad. If not, I hope you can add a search box above the list box to quickly locate the items I want to find. Thanks!

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