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Synth & Keyboard connection with XLR

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asked May 4, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by jounihirvenkivi (150 points)
I almost purchased Studio Live III 16ch mixer until I found this question related to XLR Mic and Combo Mic/Line inputs.

I am running studio and I have currently:

- 5 pc keyboards; 3 of them connected with XLR Left and Right channels and 2 of them 1/4" TRS Left and Right

- 2 pc Guitar effect processors with XLR Left and Right channels

- 1 pc Analog mixer connected with XLR Left and Right channels

So, I need all 16ch for line-level signals.

I am using Studio One for recording and editing.

Plan was to switch from Soundcraft Ui24r to Studio live III series to have both recording interface and DAW control surface in same unit. Occasionally I make also recording outside studio, so having an mixer with mic and line inputs is convenient.

I read from Studio Live III 16 manual that M to Mic XLR could be connected line-level only via DI-box. In current set-up I don't have DI-boxes (no need).


Is it really so that I cannot connect my keyboards to XLR 1-8 input without DI-box in between keyboard and mixer?

(it actually means that Studio Live III series is not suitable to my purpose)

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answered May 6, 2019 by benpierce (99,360 points)
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If your keyboards have XLR outputs then there should be no reason why you can't go straight into the XLR inputs of the console. If you want the 16 channel rack mixer, it has 12 Mic/Line combo jacks on the front and 4 XLR inputs on the back. Any of those should be able to handle XLR's directly from a keyboard or synth. If you want the 16 channel console, it has 8 Mic/Line Combo jacks and 8 XLR Jacks. Again, any of the 16 channels can accept XLR inputs from a keyboard. Only the Combo jacks will be able to accept 1/4" though. The jacks have smart detection for what kind of cable is plugged in and will adjust the preamp accordingly. XLR inputs have 60db of gain available. Line inputs have 20db of gain available.