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How can I make use of multi instruments?

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asked May 3 in Studio One 5 by hugocorona (120 points)
I have seen some of the features and Multi Instruments is one of the most charming I've seen, however, I lack the option to use them since there is no multi instrument option on my Instruments section like in the tutorials and, when I try to combine them, for example, dragging and releasing Presence over Mojito, it only gives me the options to replace or maintain, not combining.
Is there some kind of switch in the program preferences that I have to turn on or is it missing because of my version?
My version is Studio One 5 Artist OEM.

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answered May 4 by stanthompson2 (5,370 points)
Multi instruments are not included with artist or prime, only S1pro and Presonus sphere.

See the following link;