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Docked Melodyne Options

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asked May 7 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by kielen (320 points)
Melodyne used to open as either part of the plugin stack window or independently as a "plugin." I don't remember which update changed it, but now it's part of the "Edit" window, replacing the editing block in the main window. Can we have an option to toggle which way that works?

I preferred it the original way where I could have the Melodyne window open on one screen and still have access to the edit window in its original docked position, but currently, if I undock Melodyne, the whole edit widow is now moved. I don't have an option on which I access anymore. I'm either in the Melodyne window OR the Edit window, I can't view them simultaneously. Additionally, I don't have a need to expand the Edit window usually, so the docked position is perfect for my workflow. I almost ALWAYS need to expand the Melodyne window for working, so I have to repeatedly pop the Edit window in and out of its docked positioning, which is really tedious.

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