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Importing templates from within an existing song

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asked May 10, 2022 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by joenoto (980 points)
Instead of building large templates that can take extra time to load or visually cloud your space and compromise efficient workflow, it would be nice to start with a base template and depending on the needs of the composition, load in " import" a supporting template or more, that contains a group of instruments and associated bus routing. It's a modular approach that provides you greater flexibility during the composition phase. Something to think about. The good news is that Kontakt and Play can save instances of their player however this still requires you to set up the individual tracks and busses. Appreciate if the team would consider adding this feature in a future release. Thank you, and thanks for building a fantastic DAW!


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answered Mar 3 by mesperance (720 points)
I think this can be done now with track/folder presets.