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Add support for CLAP (CLever Audio Plugin) plugin standard

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asked Jun 16 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by duncanhamilton (240 points)
CLAP is an open source, cross-platform standard with advanced features, such as polyphonic modulation. Early support for it has been given by u-he and Bitwig.It would be excellent to see this plugin format supported in Studio One, both for S1 users and to support the plugin development community.

GitHub page here:

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answered Jul 1 by jesperjakobsen (190 points)
Things are beginning to accelerate regarding CLAP. Bitwig has support (beta). U-He, Audiothing and TAL have beta versions of some of their plugins out.
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answered Jul 3 by Photontic (860 points)
It should be noted that PreSonus is already listed as one of the developers who are evaluating this new plug-in format.

Reference: - scroll down to the bottom for the developer list.