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Add support for CLAP (CLever Audio Plugin) plugin standard

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asked Jun 16, 2022 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by duncanhamilton (230 points)
CLAP is an open source, cross-platform standard with advanced features, such as polyphonic modulation. Early support for it has been given by u-he and Bitwig.It would be excellent to see this plugin format supported in Studio One, both for S1 users and to support the plugin development community.

GitHub page here:

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answered Jul 1, 2022 by jesperjakobsen (270 points)
Things are beginning to accelerate regarding CLAP. Bitwig has support (beta). U-He, Audiothing and TAL have beta versions of some of their plugins out.
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answered Jul 3, 2022 by Photontic (1,140 points)
It should be noted that PreSonus is already listed as one of the developers who are evaluating this new plug-in format.

Reference: - scroll down to the bottom for the developer list.
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answered Jul 25, 2022 by Scoox (16,820 points)
edited Jul 25, 2022 by Scoox

Dang! Polyphonic modulation?? This CLAP thing looks very good. For anyone wondering, here is an official overview video. Very impressive. Being an open standard, it has a chance of taking off, as long as enough DAW and plugin developers decide to support it. Obviously Steinberg and Apple, respectively, will not cooperate, at least not initially. Pro Tools? Dunno. I see no point in all these standards that fulfill the same task to varying degrees. Would be better to have one to rule them all.

I'm guessing supporting some of these features will require effort on both sides, the DAW and the plugin developers. Maybe Steinberg and Apple will updated their respective VST and AU standards to copy some of the features of CLAP. Either way, a bit of competitive innovation always means the users win.

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answered Oct 17, 2022 by webhamster (1,780 points)
A very needed improvement over current plug-in formats
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answered Dec 23, 2022 by alpatemrah (580 points)
I think the biggest feature is that it has better multithread support. Most modern computers are multicore and we have to rely on workarounds like audiogridder to utilize our idle processor cores.

Clap seems to bring a solution to this problem and I would really want to take advantage of this.
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answered Jan 22, 2023 by alexkyrlis (1,020 points)
This is simply a must-have. Better sooner than later! Be the first major DAW to support it!
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answered Feb 19, 2023 by wikter (230 points)
I've already found FREE plug-ins not available in VST that works fine under CLAP inside Bitwig.
Maybe it's time to switch to Bitwig
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answered Sep 26, 2023 by Koldunya (400 points)
maybe this is coming soon? Bitwig just announced they and PreSonus came up with an open DAW file format, DAWproject.

Here's to hoping.
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answered Dec 21, 2023 by amyyue (270 points)
All FabFilter products now support CLAP!