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MIDI events in the background in edit mode disappear every time I finish recording.

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asked Aug 1, 2022 in Studio One 5 by joshuaday1 (420 points)

I open the Edit / Piano roll view, select a MIDI track to record from the main project timeline, then in the track list in the edit panel I click the little white dots next to some other tracks that I want to see in the background while I record. Every time I finish recording, the tracks in the background disappear and I have to turn them back on! This is super annoying if I miss the cue or mess up and want to start the recording over again. I often use a sketch track as a guide when just starting out an orchestra composition.

Secondly, every time I change tracks in the main timeline, all my tracks enabled in the background disappear in the Edit view. Can we have a setting that leaves these tracks on?

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