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Color MIDI events to reflect their position relative to the grid

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asked Jun 28, 2022 in MIDI Editing by Musicmind (620 points)


I suggest that S1 implement a feature that Cubase offers, which works like this. The MIDI events are colored according to their position relative to the grid. All events are colored according to their position relative to the grid. The color follows a color tabel. 

If you are working a lot with 1/8 and triplet 1/8 - straight/swing - it's very fast to find any events that are to far off the grid. And the color changes when you change the grid, always showing the relative position according to the chosen grid. The function is called Grid Match:

Grid Match in Cubase

It's very easy to spot that the blue A#3 and G3 in the middle are rather far away from the grid and the start chord also are a bit off.

If Presonus could ENHANCE this function to incorporate both 1/8 and 1/8 triplets (1/16 and 1/16 triplets) at the same time it would really be a step up. Imagine creating a track and quantize with ex. strength of 60% and all the events would turn red or light red indicating that all events are max 12 PPQ away from the grid!!

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answered Nov 29, 2022 by princeagrawal (13,540 points)
Upvoted. This would be super useful while doing precise midi editing.