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Sync Notion with any DAW, to follow the actual bar, playing live or in rehersal

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asked Aug 31, 2022 in Notion iOS Feature Requests by hendrikholthaus (130 points)

I would like to use notion in combination with my AbletonLive while playing a BackingTrack/ClickTracks.laugh

So, it would be nice, if notion follows and shows the actual bars, that should be played. (Like in Karaoke)

Perhaps you can realise it using Midi-Clock or SMPTE-Timecode or the DAW sends the actual bar to Notion via USB, so that Notion will directly jump to it and visualize it.

Another chance could be using „AbletonLink“ to realise that.

THAT WOULD BE A GREAT HELP FOR MANY PERFORMERS, which use Click, Cue-Tracks. Never flip the notes, never get lost in reading the Notes! cool

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answered Oct 5, 2022 by patricknguyen6 (190 points)
I agreed!  That feature would be great.