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Studio One not sendind note-off velocity to VSTi's

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asked Sep 12 in Studio One 5 by carlesmasdexaxarsjurnet (120 points)
Hi there

Studio One is not sending note-off velocity to VSTis. I'm using Pianoteq 7. When monitoring MIDI signals from Sutdio One MIDI monitor you can see note-off velocity properly. But this data does not arrive to Pianoteq 7. The plug-in itself has a midi monitor and does not receive any note-off velocity. This information is crucial for some patches.

When using the plug-in in Reaper, Logic Pro X, Cubase and Live there's no problem. Pianoteq 7 receives note-off velocity.

Is there any configuration I can imagine?

Thank you

MacMini M1, OSX 11.6, Sutdio One

P.S.: I've tried running Studio One in Rosetta and Native mode and it's the same problem.

Thank you

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