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A more human "Humanize" function?

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asked Sep 13, 2022 in MIDI Editing by [email protected] (310 points)

I wish that "Humanize" could be more Human Humanize is not the same as randomize. In stronger/weaker parts of a song we tend to play stronger/softer - our timing will off course also be influenced by the intensity of what we hear. I am not a skilled piano player - technically, so I mostly write my piano lines in midi/piano roll. Making is sound "human" is awkward and time-consuming work, so I wish a few more parameters in the Humanize GUI: 

  • What about the posibillity of feeding one or several tracks/channels into the "humanize-controller" that can vary time/velocity in a human way? - 
  • Some presets for both timing and velocity - like "Soft and gentle", "Staccato", "Rubato", "In the pocket", etc
  • AI on other controls - like sustain pedal, portamento, modulation?

I use Jamstix for my drum tracks. In this plugin, I can tweak the drummers limbs. Put him "in the pocket", and a lot of other "human parameters". I can also feed jamstix with selected tracks to adjust power/velocity of the drummer. 

If we could see such AI functions in the humanize-control, it would make S1's humanize function a killer!

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answered Sep 13, 2022 by alanfishwick (290 points)
That would be awesome