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need help with recording guitar

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asked Jul 16, 2020 in AudioBox i-Series by conorwatters (160 points)
System:  iMac desktop 3.5 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 running mason Catalina v 10.15.6

Application: GarageBand v 10.3.4

Audio Interface and Driver Version:  PreSonus AudioBox iOne running Universal Control v3.3.0.59348 for OSX

Digital Mixer and Driver:  Not sure what this means.  System Preferences?

Set-Up:  guitar with 1/4" input into Solid Studio by Nux Power Amp Simulator via XLR DI out into Instrument 1 on PreSonus AudioBox iOne into iMac USB.  out into headphones out on PreSonus AudioBox iOne.

Error or Situation:  I am not getting a sound signal out for my guitar.  I know that there is signal coming out of my guitar because I can plug the cable into a tuner and it gets pitch.  I will also hear a faint guitar tone in my headphones when plugged into the above set-up, but it is so faint to hear.

I just can't seem to make the sound from my guitar get onto my computer and then back out my headphones like it should be doing.

What do I do to fix this?

I have made recording before via the set-up with just the guitar into Instrument 2.  I try this and it still is not working.

Please help me to make this set-up work again.... is it my guitar cable?  I am so stumped right now.

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answered Jul 16, 2020 by conorwatters (160 points)
when I plug the guitar with the 1/4" cable directly into my guitar amplifier, I get perfect output through that.  thus, the 1/4" cable is not the problem.
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answered Mar 15, 2021 by pauliinahaustein (140 points)
I have the same problem! Anyone?