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My Aduiobox GO is not recognized by Garageband iOS

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asked Oct 1, 2022 in AudioBox USB by patrickwilliams23 (100 points)
Garageband iOS 2.3.12 on my ipad does not recognize my new Audiobox Go. Garageband iOS 2.3.13 on my iphone 13 mini also does not recognize my Audiobox GO interface, Garageband recognizes my Focusrite interface (and also my Apogee Jam 96) with no problems on these same iOS devices. Please help. I have updated my Audiobox GO to the latest firmware and I am using 44.1 sample rate setting to match GB. I am using the standard Apple camera adapter with both the iPhone power and interface USB connected to it. The Audiobox LED is solid red noting it is powered and connected via USB. What do I need to do for GB to recognize my Audiobox GO interface?

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