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Can I output main out via DVS?

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asked Oct 10, 2022 in Studio One 5 by kelvinjohn (120 points)

Livestream: Studio One+Sonobus+DVS+Wirecast Help.

At my church, Our livestream setup is made up of 2 machines.

Audio Processing 

HP z600, 2TB, 3.2Ghz, 32gb RAM, Windows 10 Pro, PreSonus Studio One 5.3, Sonobus, DVS


M1 Mac Mini, 8gb, 256gb, macOS Big Sur, Wirecast, Sonobus

We use PreSonus Studio One 5 as our main DAW. We have an x32 board sending audio to Studio One via Dante.

The current setup is to output the processed signal from Studio one machine via Sonobus to the livestream Mac mini for Wirecast. Sonobus is loaded into the Master as a plug-in both for broadcast signal and monitoring.

Sonobus is cumbersome coz one has to keep logging into a private group but it works for now.

Question: from within Studio One, is there a way to output the processed signal to the Mac mini via DVS? So as to eliminate the need for Sonobus?

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