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Why can't I open in notion mobile?

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asked Oct 29, 2022 in Notion by donghyeonkim13 (150 points)


I used notion6 in Iphone, Ipad, Mac with Icloud.

but, I can't open some notion files by Iphone and Ipad.

​How can I fix it? help me please. :(

1 Answer

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answered Dec 4, 2022 by wayneanderson4 (140 points)
Yup, Same question why can't I open in Notion.

And why can'y I transmit ANYTHING ANYWHERE. Or for that matter, move a file out of Notion Mobile as a MIDI...file. Can't do it!!! Sucks! And cross your fingers when they'll get around to answering your questions. They always seem to be off doing something els,  half baked!. Geez, So many issues with this app/developer, you read the same thing all over the place. So after 10 years of waiting, I done!! I am putting all my energy into Dorico bc they have regular updates and ALWAYS Get back to your question with in a couple days MAX!!