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Studio One output vs Digital Return output

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asked Oct 29, 2022 in StudioLive Series III by luisvalverde2 (120 points)
For some reason i am able to get audio out of my PC like normal (Windows 10). i can control volume with my keyboard, and manually like any PC should, BUT when i start a studio one session, i could have my system muted, and studio one audio still comes through my studio monitors at a ridiculous level, so i have to turn the "main out" fader in studio one way down in order to not blow my ears, or monitors. How is it that they're separated? I am using the 16R in "Interface" mode because that was the only way i can have a separate output for my live room to have control over levels, i am brand new to both Studio One and the StudioLive 16R so im sure i'm probably missing, or i'm not hitting something. since you're also reading this, is there a way to control the output level by re routing it to the "headphone" knob? its not fun not having a physical button to control a main out. any help would be appreciated!

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answered Dec 19, 2022 by markkeklikian (320 points)
Hopefully you've figured this out long ago, but I'm just now seeing it. Sound like this issue lies in Windows setting. Have you made a ticket?