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Digital Return from Studio One not showing up in StudioLive 16R

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asked Jul 30 in StudioLive Series III by mattwarner3 (190 points)
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I'm using Studio One Artist and a StudioLive 16R. I'm new to both. I used the "StudioLive 16r Session" under "interfaces" as a new song template. Studio One is configured with a Digital Return on AVB channels 17 and 18, as indicated in documentation, and inside Studio One the Digital Return output meter shows a signal. I've also checked Universal Control's Digital Patching and Digital Return is set to Network (for AVB). In UC, the "Dig Ret" fader config shows network channels 17 and 18 for L/R. In macOS' Audio Midi Setup tool, the StudioLive 16R shows up (64 in/64 out) and the speakers show channels 17 and 18 as outputs as well.

Yet I get no output in the 16R through the headphone jack nor through the mix 1 1/4" jack. I also see no signal on Dig Ret inside UC.

What am I missing?

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answered Jul 30 by mattwarner3 (190 points)
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Power cycling everything seemed to help. I also had to leave the AVB matrix completely blank (no checkmarks) to eliminate some weird clicking, and then make sure the 16R was selected in the Midi tool. Then I could get audio out the headphone jack on the front of the 16R. Strangely, I still get nothing out the Mix 1 jack unless in UC I use the Sends feature to send Dig Ret to FX A and then map FX A to Mix 1. Routing Dig Ret to Aux 1 gets no sound out, though I hear sound in the headphones with "Phones Cue Source" set to "Mix 1".

I power cycled the 16R one more time and now I get audio out of the Mix 1 jack as I expect. Maybe a hardware/firmware bug?