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Impact XT, how to globally transpose MIDI mapping for all pads.. Presets start at different notes (B0, C1).

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asked Mar 21 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by dalejohnston3 (140 points)
I have noticed that some Impact XT presets start with the first pad at B0, while others start at C1.. I understand that there are different mapping conventions and that might be why we ended up here, but I'm looking for a way to be able to shift the note assignment for an entire kit in a single click..

So, if a kit (60's a GoGo) starts at B0, and my controller is mapped for first pad at C1, I can just click an arrow, or enter a transposition value, to then reassign the whole kit so the first pad is triggered by C1.

Alternatively, to be able to have different presets that could be recalled that would intercept my C1 and transpose it to a B0, although for pitch based instruments, that could be problematic.

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