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Can the SW5e be a drop in replacement for the MOTU Switch

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asked Nov 18, 2022 in SW5E - AVB Switch by Simon Barry Smith (120 points)

At the University I work at we have a large MOTU based AVB system utilising two MOTU switches. We were dismayed last time we put the system together ( concert rig) that the ethernet cables were coming out of the switch and we wanted to move to Ethercon. Seeing the SW5e looks ideal, but obviously we cant change all the converters. Could the SW5E replace the MOTU AVB switches?


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answered Mar 31, 2023 by ahellquist (600 points)
I am using a sw5e with a couple of Motu AVB devices and have no problems.

As long as the switch supports AVB you should be fine.

The reason I choose Presonus AVB switch was because it is a lot more rugged and has both ether-con as well as PoE