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Please allow us to move TO a beat not BY a beat.

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asked Nov 23 in Look and Feel by mattwafaie (1,030 points)
It's so frustrating that I can't use keyboard shortcuts to navigate the playhead to the previous/next beat. If my playhead is between beats, using FORWARD BEAT and REWIND BEAT moves it the length of a beat so it ends up between the next/previous beats. Please, Presonus, change this to moving TO the nearest beat, not BY the length of a beat. Thanks!

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answered Nov 23 by princeagrawal (9,000 points)
edited Nov 27 by princeagrawal

Actually, Studio One natively only has Forward/Rewind Bar commands, which forward/rewind TO the nearest bar. The Forward/Rewind Frame/Beat/Grid commands are a part of the Navigation Essentials script and forward/rewind BY frame/beat/grid respectively. Hence the behavioral difference between them. 

Though not ideal, but a workaround to combat this issue that I use is to first forward/rewind to the nearest bar and then execute the forward/rewind frame/beat/grid commands, so that they forward/rewind TO the nearest frame/beat/grid respectively. 

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answered Nov 26 by tothrec (28,040 points)
I think this would make for a good feature.  Add a snap control for the current Transport Forward/Rewind

Currently it is not constrained.

The feature would be to add a check box that toggles between the current behavior (default) and the Snap value.