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Crashing in v6

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asked Dec 12, 2022 in Studio One 6 by christiansmaaland (230 points)
Does anyone know if v6 is less prone to crashing than previous versions?  I love Studio One, but I am spending a lot of time time these days , restarting, reloading, restoring and cursing (sic). The new features seem great, but my concern the crash rate of the DAW. I hope one day this will be Presonus' no. one priority. I get it though: A reduced crash frequency is not the ifanciest selling point. Also: I know I have to do my part of the job (optimizing my computers and avoiding third party software that has a history of causing problems.

Just my five cents. Thanks!

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answered Dec 12, 2022 by viswachakravarthy (2,060 points)
Yes, much better than V5. I recently switched to V6 from Reaper. Crashes sometimes. Auto save saves the day. though you do loose time relaunching it. but yeah.