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Yellow/Blue Keyboard Lights turn on for MIDI Drums in Albeton Live Lite

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asked Dec 17, 2022 in Atom Pad Controllers by alexandermiles3 (120 points)
Hi Presonus people,

I really like my Presonus Atom and want to use it with Ableton Live. It plugs in and works right away, but the yellow/blue keyboard lights come on for drum instruments. It should be blue like this guy's in the video.

What's wrong with this setup? The bass, wave and other instruments have the yellow and blue, but so does the drum. I can't get drum instruments NOT to be in keyboard mode. I want them to be in pad mode. I don't know why the Live is reading the Atom incorrectly for drum instruments.

Has anybody had this happen or can tell me what switch needs to be flipped? I'd like to use the drum pad setup where it's all blue.

Any feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks.

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