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Bypass hot key for a particular plug in

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asked Jan 3 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by eric.shelton (190 points)
Hi, team.  

I hope you are all having a great new year.  

I have found that Studio One 6 paired with my Macbook pro is so efficient that I can run my live show (solo acoustic) with just my UAD interface, my laptop, and Studio One.  There are pedals that work as a wireless keyboard (airturn is the one I am using).  If i could assign the stomp buttons to toggle bypass on single plug ins this would complete the set up .  

For example:  Channel 1 is a vocal channel.  On channel one I have Waves harmony plug in.  If I could assign one of the buttons to toggle the bypass of Waves Harmony on/off I would no longer need a separate harmony pedal for my show.  

Example 2:  Channel 2 is an acoustic guitar channel.  On this channel I have Arturia FX for some occasional sparkle.  If I could assign a second button (hotkey) on my keyboard or pedal (that acts as a wireless keyboard) to toggle the Arturia FX plug in on and off, I could use this plug in live and have it only in the parts of the song I choose.  

Please consider adding user assignable plug in bypass for individual plugins to Studio One.  

Thank you.

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