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For the love of god.. please add an 'update track preset' feature...

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asked Jan 6 in Mixing by dannyburke2 (490 points)
I love the track preset feature added with Studio One 6.. I think many of us do. It has been a highly requested feature for a long time. However.. it lacks the ability to update an existing preset. You can do so with templates, and S1 has so many save options for songs themselves. Please, please.. if anyone is listening.. allow us to update our track presets too.

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answered Jan 11 by kevinrendleman (1,890 points)
And PLEASE GIVE US THE OPTION TO BATCH SAVE fX chains.  Without a proper import session data feature we’re forced to write routing on paper and constantly flip between two sessions to double check and copy channel settings.  Either that, or spend way too much time using the current import session data method, effectively doubling your track count, then manually moving all the audio files from the old track to a new one.  All because I changed two compressors and a few levels in a group of drum tracks.  Absolutely terrible workflow and every time I have to do mix prep in studio one, I want to die or pull my hair out.

Please remember that not everyone using studio one is a bedroom producer.  Many pros depend on S1 for our livelihoods and time is money.  Stop making us waste our time with all these silly work arounds.