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Individual instrument display

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asked Jan 10 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by Nucleix (260 points)

The instruments are accessed from a window where the instruments are grouped by tab. Is it possible to detach these tabs to make it easier to see and manipulate these instruments individually? Indeed, changing tabs is not very convenient during improvisations! What other DAWs like Cubase or Tracktion allow...

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answered Jan 12 by princeagrawal (13,540 points)
This is possible in Studio One.

Open the instrument on a track and Pin it. Then open instrument on another track and pin it as well. That way you can have multiple instrument windows at the same time.

Please note this only works when opening the instrument window by clicking the instrument icon on a track. Pinning the instrument window and moving to the next tab will not work.

It s a bit clunky and counterintuitive and I too figured it out by accident. So glad I did.
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answered Jan 27 by hosannastudiosnigeria (230 points)
I'm even get much good about the grouping of the instruments and you selecting then by tab,
One great feature in studio one that I'll not want them turn their backs on is the simplicity of the UI, it's not as clumsy as cubase (which i migrated from) neither is it as clumsy as any other daw out there, even on the mix console, studio one has this beauty of grouping your plugins on any track...

This is more than a beautiful feature, it's a feature i want to see forever.
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