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Change volume-level with a single mouse-click

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asked Apr 25, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by multifederal (250 points)
edited Apr 30, 2016 by multifederal

Changing the volume on a track needs to be done with a single mouse-click on the track-pane volume-slider without any further ado. One mouse-click on the volume-slider, type in the volume-level, done.

Some of us like to work without the mixer-view showing, so when working in S1 without the mixer-view showing, it takes longer than necessary to change the volume-level on a track.

The best way to fix this situation is when we click on the volume-slider (a single left-click, not a double-click) on a track-pane, immediately we should be able to type-in the volume-level without any further ado or movement of the mouse, and then as soon as we press the 'enter' key on the PC keypad, that will set the amount, and then the volume-level readout will disappear and we will continue to see the volume-level for that track in the readout at the top-left of the screen the way it currently does.

But, the funny thing with S1, which seems like a bug to me, is when we click on any track-pane to highlight it, the current volume-level for that track doesn't show in the readout at the top-left of the screen, the readout at the top-left of the screen continues to show the volume-level of whatever previous volume-slider on a track-pane we had clicked on, so in S1 we have to specifically click on the actual volume-slider before the volume-level for that track will show at the top-left of the screen. A bit weird imo. The volume-level readout for any track should always show as soon as we have clicked anywhere on the track-pane, we shouldn't need to specifically maneuvre the mouse-pointer to click on the actual volume-slider for the volume-level readout of that track to show at the top-left of the screen.

Same with the effects-rack for any track. If we are not using the mixer-view, we need to be able to manifest onscreen the effects-rack for that track without the need to open the mixer-view, so a small orange tab should be placed on each track-pane for us to quickly access the effects rack for any currently highlighted track. That way, if an effects tab was to be added, when the effects-rack shows-up after clicking on the effects tab, we can proceed with doing whatever with the effects, then simply clicking the effects tab again will make any current effect onscreen and the effects-rack disappear, wallah.

IMO both of these requests will not detract in any way from the S1 interface, and on the contrary will only make S1 even more streamlined and elegant than it already is. I beg of Presonus, please get it done, because this is not a whimsical request, because currently the way things are now, the extra mouse-click needed and the extra movement of the wrist to achieve a quick volume-level change cumulatively gets tiresome and superfluous during long mix sessions, or even short mix sessions.

S1 will only be better for it. Cheers.

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answered Apr 26, 2016 by Skip Jones (162,420 points)

Thank you for the feature request. 

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