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Cannot open Templates after renaming

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asked Jan 15 in Studio One 6 by kbostroem (320 points)

Since there is no option to rename a template from within Studio One itself, I renamed the .songtemplate, the .data and the .png files. After that my template does not show up in the User Templaes (after hitting "New...") and I cannot open it by double-clicking in the file explorer. So, it seems my template is now lost/corrupt? 

  1. What did I do wrong?
  2. How can I retrieve my template
  3. How are we supposed to rename templates correctly?

1 Answer

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answered Jan 23 by Dorday (3,320 points)
Did you start out with a previous version of Studio One then upgrade to Studio One 6?  The template may be in the previous versions folder structure.  If you are able to find it, load it up and save it again with your new name while using version 6.  I hope this helps.