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Insert multiple track presets at once

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asked Jan 15, 2023 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by yevster (220 points)
Track presets are a great feature (and the reason I upgraded to V6). But it's annoying having to insert them one by one. Please make it possible to SHIFT+CLICK on presets when creating new tracks to create many tracks from presets at once. A typical use case might be an orchestral composer who'll often have to instantiate the same orchestral instruments in every project. This will involve loading a lot of samples. If multiple presets could be instantiated at once, this composer could just perform one UI action and go get coffee while the samples load. As is, one has to sit there and load every preset one after the other.

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answered Jan 23, 2023 by Dorday (4,670 points)
Have you considered creating a track preset that includes all of the instruments/presets/tracks that you need for any given situation?  You can do that by loading up all the track presets that you already created then save all of those as a new preset and call it something like "Complete Orchestral Production Template."  I hope this helps.