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Firestudio Line Outs

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asked Jan 16 in FireStudio Series by kingburton (120 points)

Need to set up two spkr systems to be controlled by output faders (Cakewalk). 

I have M-Audio 4" near-field plugged into Main 1&2 (Daw1). Want to only hear 4" as default and control with volume knob on the front.

I have Yamaha 8" plugged into 3&4 (Daw3) for distance. Have set up separate Cakewalk bus to output to 8". Should be able to control with faders. Volume faders work, however, no matter how I config, sound is out of both systems. Does Main sum all 8 outputs. Doc says only 1&2.

Does Firestudio not do this? Would PreSonus Studio 1824c?

Screen shot available.

King Burton

Win 11 i9 64G 1T Cakewalk Presonus Firestudio

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