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Studio One 6 quits unexpectedly

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asked Jan 18 in Studio One 6 by PDice (210 points)
retagged Jan 22 by PDice
I receive a screen informing me that Studio one has quite unexpectedly.

I am run-in a Mac Studio (2022) M1 Max with macOS Monterey 12.6.2 .



PS I opened a support case and uploaded my diagnostics file .

1 Answer

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answered Jan 22 by PDice (210 points)

Presonus Support traced the problem to TR5 Suite (Ik Multimedia T-Racks).  Suggested resolution was Please ensure these plugins are fully up to date and also please test with the VST2/3/AU alternatives. 

Updated TR5 Suite to 5.10.1 am testing with AU plugins.  So far no more issues.