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Track/Mixer Color Scheme

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asked Nov 30, 2022 in Editing by januszmordak (1,180 points)
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I arrange songs with a lot of Tracks and I need a large color palette to make workflow to be functional. I use several hundred colors for the orchestration itself (each instrument and each articulation - in addition, different colors of the Event for verse, chorus, bridge, etc.). For this I arrange rock and EDM works, i.e. percussion instruments, bass and guitars, keyboards, vocals and choirs. Depending on the instrument, articulation and event, I use hundreds of colors to which I got used to. In FL, I prepared a template / preset script. Similarly, you can do in StudioOne, please :) , after right-clicking on the track or mixer channel, the following options/taps will appear.
* Extended palette of standard colors (as in figure Color Palette);

* In addition, the possibility of setting User Palette in accordance with RGB (in the figure);

* The best solution would be to prepare "Track/Mixer Color Scheme" (in the figure), i.e. configured your own presets, which insert: "Name", "Icon" and background "Color". A similar solution exists for the names: Macros/Global/Name, but I describe the solution in the handy menu extended with icons and background colors.
* For the Events, a similar solution, after right-clicking the "Event Color Scheme" menu, is obviously different in that there is no icons, choosing a preset only with the "Name" and background "Color". A separate panel, because there are other rules for calling events than the names of tracks.

"Edit" button or "Add Track Scheme" button: Editor, where the user can change or enter: the name of the track/event, select the icon and choose RGB color.

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answered Nov 30, 2022 by princeagrawal (13,690 points)
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Perfect solution for this.
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answered Dec 11, 2022 by januszmordak (1,180 points)

I think this is a great solution, Studio One currently has one of the worst solutions in terms of coloring tracks and mixer channels.
This solution would allow us to have the best coloring solution in all DAW yes  I am surprised that there are no votes for it crying
PreSonus, please do something with the backlight of an active channel/track, I often don't see which one is active at all.