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Song setup option not under options

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asked Jan 27 in Studio One 5 by dougmckernan (160 points)
edited Jan 27 by dougmckernan
<<Solved >> Editing in case someone else has same brain fart

Probably a dumb question

Win 64 (computer was recently (accidently) upgrade to Win 11).

Studio one 5  Pro latest build 5.52.86528  April 1, 2022 (April fools?)

Under studio one /options General/ There is no choice on bottom left for Preferences or Song setup- it just shows Preferences options. (no blue buttons)

Is there a check box I missed, or are the many tutorials a bit out of date.

Never remember seeing it before on options page.

Thanks in advance.


Song setup options only appear after you have a song window open, not available just under general options when starting up.

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