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Melodyne is installed on computer but will not show it is installed in studio one..?

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asked Sep 22, 2021 in Studio One 5 by vincentlupinski2 (160 points)
M1 macbook air big sur os, studio one 5.4 professional. Everything is up to date. Melodyne function properly in other DAW. Studio one will not recognize it on the install menu, but does show a product key. I have installed it multiple time and still this is the case. The standalone plugin will open but when I click "edit with melodyne" it asks me to install. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both studio one and melodyne. Settings are enabled as they should be. Please help!

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answered Sep 22, 2021 by AlexTinsley (924,920 points)
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As of this writing (September 2021) a native Apple Silicon version of Melodyne is not yet available, but Celemony will provide a free update soon. Please use Rosetta mode until a native version will be available.

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answered Mar 23, 2022 by calebgebhard (210 points)
in application folder right click studio one 5 click get info the check box for open using rosetta. studio one must be in rosetta mode to use rosetta version of melodyne. I just spent a whole day trying to figure this out.
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answered Apr 3, 2022 by fransvannispen (5,730 points)
Soon seems to be taking ages. We're over 6 months ahead in time now, and not a single word on native support from Celemony. The one thing keeping me from being able to switch Studio One to native mode.